photos & details ex Dean Wright & current owner Winston Jacob

Designed by Parsons & built in 1959 in Tauranga. Carvel planked hull, powered by twin 120hp Fords. LOA 38’6″ x B 11′ 6″ x D 3′ 6″.

Karina was a gamefishing charter boat operating out of Paihia during the 1970′s and 80′s. Owned by Alan Limmer. She once caught a black, a blue and a striped marlin all in one day. The first time it had ever been done in NZ. Possibly never been repeated.

Anyone able to ID the blokes in the cockpit with the thresher shark ?  The owner / skipper Alan Limmer is on the right in the white t-shirt.

Winston Jacob has owned Karina for 14 years (1999)

Update 02-08-2017 – Photo below ex Dean Wright


27-03-2018 Update from Lee Wilkinson

“I came across my Grandparents old boat on your website today, I posted a wee comment, but since have found a couple of photos which I thought you might like to add to the story of Karina.  The owner prior to my Grandparents was Les Henry, (i couldn’t remember his surname when writing the comment) – and quite possibly the original owner.   Not sure of the dates my Grandparents owned her, but my mum recalls going down to trial her 1961, as she was pregnant with me at the time (the memory of morning sickness!!)  Les Henry lived in Pukekohe but had the boat based in Tauranga i believe.   My grandparents moved her to Maraetai, where she was on a swing mooring just below their home there.

Below are a couple of photos with my Grandmother, Janet Jones, with her catch of a Thresher shark in 1964 off Karina.  Quite a biggie of the day I believe, and especially for a female angler.   

The first one has Les Henry (the very tall man with the folded arms), my Grandfather Harry Jones, (with his hands on his hip), and then my Grandmother Janet Jones. (don’t know the two in the background.”





7 thoughts on “Karina

  1. Les Henry was the founder of “Henry’s Sand Co. Puni, at The Elbow, on the waikato river. He started this business with his nephew Tommy about 1948 and sold to Winstones about 1960.


  2. Yes different Karina. I am Les Henry’s niece and loved being out on her. She had such beautiful lines. Les had her moored at Maraeti Beach then moved her to Westhaven.


  3. My Grandparents (Harry & Janet Jones) owned Karina back in the 60’s/70’s (not sure exact years of ownership) – he purchased Karina off of Les (surname unsure). I have very very fond memories on Karina as a child. He kept it at Maraetai Beach on a swing mooring below his property.


  4. According to the old APYMBA records KARINA was built in Auckland by Brin Wilson and fitted with a Parsons diesel. Her first owners were T.J. & N.B. Price and then J & N Grieve (1970). Different KARINA?


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