Dick Daniel’s Boat

Dick Daniels Boat


photo & details ex Ken Rickets

This launch is not really an unknown as it belonged to an engineer friend of Ken Rickett’s father. Dick Daniels was a fairly elderly gentleman at the time he owned her, c.1946-48.

She had a nearly new Meadows 4 cyl petrol engine which Daniels had installed c.1946. She was 32 ft x 8ft 6, probably built circa late 1920s early 1930s.

Ken never knew the boats name or even if she had one, any input on her would be appreciated.

In the background is Juliana, the Rickett’s family launch. anchored next door. Ken took the photo in Matiatia c.1947.

(photo was very small, so sorry for the reproduction)

15-05-2017 Updated 2000 photos –  ex owner Dick Daniel, ex Ken Rickets


4 thoughts on “Dick Daniel’s Boat

  1. Have confirmed she is called LEAH, & discovered she belongs to Dave Dow at Whangaroa, whom I’ve spoken with, recently – (May 2017) – & he has had her for a number of years.
    She is powered by a 4 cyl Ford diesel in excellent condition, Dave tells me, & he uses her all the time. He tells me she is a great sea boat especially in a following sea, but he is forced to sell her because of personal circumstances, — & as he wants an urgent sale may go for a very attractive price.- If anyone is interested, I can be emailed on kenpat@ihug.co.nz & I will forward emails to Don. KEN R


  2. At last she has turned up. — Nathan Herbert took a pic of her at Whangaroa, the weekend of 18/19.4.16, & she is called LEAH, or LEAF, (refer post of 22.4.16), so will now set about trying to find her owner &/or some of her past post 1947. — KEN R


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