photo & details ex KenRicketts

Was owned by a Claude Atherton, during WWII & through to approx the 1960s.

During WWII, he was a welder employed by my father at Mason & Porter in Parnell.

C. A. lived in Parnell & he kept Manowai in Judges Bay, by the groin just under the bridge, for many years, later moving her to the Western Viaduct in later years — see below.

To the best of my recall, she was built by either Collings & Bell, or Baileys, & she was the second launch I ever went on board, at circa 8 years old (c1944), not too long after my first trip ever, on Tiromoana.

She originally, I believe, & certainly when I first went on her had a 6 cyl Thornycroft petrol engine, with 1 side & 1 overhead valve, (painted green), a configuration similar to early Land Rovers. This engine was replaced in the later 40s by a twin cyl Ruston Diesel

She originally had a stern exhaust, just above the waterline on the port side. This was replaced with a short funnel out the deck, amidships, when the Ruston was installed. The Ruston was fitted because C.A. retired from M & P, & went long line fishing commercially, in the later 1940s with an “AK” commercial fishing number on the bow, & she moved shortly after this change in use, to the Western Viaduct as above. He eventually retired because of old age setting in & I lost contact with her for many years & one day, came upon her, by chance, in one of the downtown boatbuilders sheds, perhaps Orams or similar, in the later 1980s or 1990s, where she was undergoing a major hull repair job, with rib replacements, &/or refastening, which, as I recall, took many months or perhaps over a year to complete. — I remember being in conversation with the owner at that time.

C.A’s. daughter, Heather became the wife of one our most famous boat designers, boat builders, & blue water sailors, our very own, really great guy, John Lidgard.

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  2. The above email from Stuart Scott, confirms that he has to be the person I spoke to, when she was being refurbished, back in 19.9.2013.
    At that time I could not recall which one of the boatbuilders sheds it was, she was in, but it was one of the boatbuilders in that Westhaven area, & now we have all been brought up to date.
    Whilst he did not seem totally certain, there is no doubt, that MANOWAI was Stuart S’s boat. This I feel must have been in the later 1990s– KEN R


  3. I just found this old in an old email as below sent to me by Harold K. on 10.7.2001.
    It obviously helps with her provenance
    I quote;
    “It sounds like the Manowai I owned. Firstly, in partnership with Rod Holt, the then foreman at P. Voss Boatbuilders, and then on my own. we bought her from a fisherman at Te Atatu creek in poor condition, broken deadwood, damaged transom and taking in water. At that time it had a 2 cylinder Ruston diesel in it. Over the next three years we gutted her completely, hardened up all the fastenings, replaced damaged ribs, fitted a new transom and deadwood and new floors. Then recaulked, replaced engine beds, stem, dodger, engine, shaft, prop, rudder, funnel, rails, steering, tanks, wiring, refrigeration, toilet etc. Repainted and relaunched her. We kept her for about three years after relaunching. The BMC engine was a complete marine set up (second hand when we fitted it). As for the Maori crap, that’s all it is, better off to throw the pendant over the side, then you will catch some real fish. Hope this info is of some use to you. Regards Stuart Scott.”
    — KEN R


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