WW celebrates 100,000 Views

WW celebrates 100,000 Views

WW celebrates 100,000 Views

The site has just passed the 100,000 views milestone & I thought the photo above was an appropriate one to celebrate with.

Thanks to everyone for the support & a special thanks to all those that send me images & tales.

If you have any classic boating photos you want to share & more importantly record / store for feature generations to view – email them to me at


Now is also a good time to remind / enlighten people on using the ww site.
There are many ways to enhance your waitematawoodys experience, the easiest is by using the categories & tag sections on the right hand side of the page, here by clicking on a word/s you can search by any topic & see a summary of articles linked to that topic e.g. individual designers, build / launch year, CYA owned vessels, boat names or locations etc.
To get the most out of the waitematawoodys you really need to be a follower, relax its not some new cult, all you have to do is click on the ‘Follow’ tab that appears at the bottom of you computer screen on the right when you have the waitematawoodys page open. You then enter your email address* in the box that appears & now you will be able to:
(a) receive an email advising you when new articles have been posted or updated. Means you no longer have to check in all the time.
(b) allows you to make comments on articles that have been posted.

*waitematawoodys won’t divulge, sell or otherwise do anything silly with your email address

I hope this helps, if you need any advice at any time just drop me an email.
Alan Houghton

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