How To Get The Most Out Of waitematawoodys

After numerous phone calls & e-mails from people that are enjoying waitematawoodys but are not to sure how to interact with it e.g. search or find pervious articles, comment on articles, get advice on updates, I thought it might help if I posted a few blog tips.
Firstly to get the most out of the waitematawoodys you need to be a follower, relax its not some new cult, all you have to do is click on the ‘Follow’ tab  (see example below) that appears at the bottom of you computer screen on the right when you have waitematawoodys open. You then enter your email address in the box that appears  (see example below)  & now you will be able to:
(a) receive an email advising you when new articles have been posted or updated. Means you no longer have to check in all the time.
(b) allows you to make comments on articles that have been posted   (see example below)
(c) search for arcticles by almost any topic e.g. designer, boat name, build / launch year, destination etc (see example below)
I hope this helps, if you need any advice at any time just drop me an email at
click images to enlarge
Cheers Alan Houghton

2 thoughts on “How To Get The Most Out Of waitematawoodys

  1. Hi jb
    Twitter – I have tried 7 times to ‘tweet’ & been suspended each time- I suspect its to do we the word woodys ……………… 😦
    Categorizes & tags will happen when time permits 🙂
    Thanks for the input


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