Flying Scud (and Waimiga)

FLYING SCUD ( I bought her as ROBBO, but had known her since new & knew she was built as FLYING SCUD, so in accordance with my beliefs I reverted her to her original name. — (It is my view, that the original owner has absolute naming rights for a boat for its life), I owned her from 1970 to 1976. she was 30 ft long, 2 skins Kauri Built by R Lidgard at Kawau Island in 1953, towed to Auckland to have twin 6 cyl Austin Skipper 100 petrol engines fitted when built, (sister ship to Miss Lidgard). I replaced these with 2 x 6cyl OM321 Mercedes Benz diesels in 1971. I sold her to B Purdy who onsold her & later she had engines replaced with 2 x Bedford Diesels by subsequent owner. Dragged anchor &  went ashore by the sugar works at Birkenhead & was wrecked circa 1985.

photos & copy ex Ken Ricketts

Update 05/05/13 with b/w photo, when ‘new’

13-09-2018 Update from Ken Ricketts – photo below c.1980 when owned by Garth McGowan (1979>1980)



Waimiga – additional info ex Alan Houghton & Shane Anderson
Of interest in the photo is the launch Waimiga closest in, on the poles. The photo is dated c. Nov 1970 so Waimiga would have been very new. Have to love the yellow cockpit canopy (that would not have passed her recent owner Colin Pawsons approval) The game poles were no surprise as the boat was built for Graham May who was a very keen fisherman. Graham commissioned Waimiga in 1967 after selling his farm in Howick to the Howick Golf Club.  He lived on the river, 200m downstream of the Panmure Boating Club…..hence the picture location.

10 thoughts on “Flying Scud (and Waimiga)

  1. My daughters were bought up cruising on FLYING SCUD when they were little girls from 1970 to 76 — she is a 1953 R Lidgard 30 ft. hard chine launch — KEN R


  2. FLYNG SCUD, (perhaps now ABUNDANCE), UPDATE;
    My eldest daughter has just rung & told me, she bumped in to a retired couple, whilst holidaying & shopping in the Matakana area around Christmas time, to whom she got chatting, & in the course of conversation, they said the husband was a builder, & had bought a boat called FLYING SCUD, in poor condition, (at which my daughter nearly fell over, as we thought she had ben totally wrecked many years before after dragging her anchor ashore in the Shoal Bay area, one day in the 1980s,) & he rebuilt her from the waterline up when they were living on the North Shore, over a period of time, & had since sold her. The rebuild & ownership in total, was quite a period of years, my daughter understands – They are probably now living in the Matakana Leigh area. He told her he had changed her name to ABUNDANCE.

    Can anyone throw any light on the ABUNDANCE, is so could you please email me on — KEN R


  3. Hi Baden I would absolutely love a copy of that pic of Fling Scud when she was new — I was on her her 1st Christmas in the water — she was finished in December & built exactly a year after Miss Lidgard — I was also out on her when brand new, both boats with Jim Lidgard, at that first Christmas. By the way Miss LIdgard had 2 x Scripps converted Ford V8s painted light green, ( lettuce Green) as they all were, — they hadn’t started using Austins when the built her. They had hoped to sell Miss Lidgard to T.E.A.L. but it didn’t happen & FF was simply built as a “sports fisher” with a big open cockpit, which was later, as per the post in WW, made in to a cabin, in part, — well done to I always thought.

    I was very proud of her & loved her, she was my first boat of my very own, — up till then they had all been family boats, owned by may dad.

    I sold her in 1976 to a Brian Purdy who lived at Browns Bay, who only kept her a very short time, & onsold her to a George Strachan (pronounced Strawn), a self employed motor & precision engineer, who spent most of the time he had her replacing the 2 x Mercedes Benz diesels I had installed, with 2 Bedford diesel truck engines, he’d done a home conversion on, & I don’t think he even got the second one running, when she dragged her anchor ashore, by the Chelsea Sugar works, as per my previous notes, & was destroyed.

    He had a very strong association with the Roman Catholic Church, & it was his stated intention to gift her to the Church for missionary work in Fiji.

    Sadly she never made it.

    I only saw her out once, during his stewardship, (with floor all off above the engines, with 1 engine obviously not serviceable, & some nuns on board, in Mansion House Bay Kawau Island, one weekend about 1980.

    She was wrecked not to long after that

    Baden, could you please email the pic to me on


  4. Miss Lidgard is now owned by my brother, Paul Spooner and is based in Kerikeri. He guy he bought her from had her on a mooring in the Tamaki River and she had been neglected. Rather ironically, when we were kids Don Ross was our neighbour in Whitianga when he owned her. I remember him using her for charter work and landing a lot of game fish. Paul has put a lot of effort into restoring her to her former glory


  5. Flying Scud once belonged to Maurice Mitchel and Ron Johnson and they kept her at Whitianga. I can remember dad maintaining her.Then they sold her and Maurice bought Tuatea (Lanes I think) There was a near sister ship to Flying Scud, Miss Lidgard and she was owned by Whitianga idenity Don Ross who landed alot of game fish as a charter boat. Both of these boats had Austin skippers, Miss Lidgard x 2. Miss Lidgard was in the Tamaki up to last year in a very plasic looking form. Don thought she was the best boat he ever owned and was a very stable boat to fish from. From what I can remember she had a big open cockpit and she was built to take light cargo to the whaling station at Gt Barrier. Dad extended her cabin aft over the cockpit for Don to give more shelter for passengers and anglers. A couple of the many boats I can remember slipped on his beach site. I wish we took more photos, such a great place after school (and some times during).


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