MYSTERY SPEEDBOAT – Russell, Bay of Islands

MYSTERY SPEEDBOAT – Russell, Bay of Islands

The photos above were sent in by Steve Taylor who spotted the framed photo on the wall in the Duke of Marlborough waterfront hotel in Russell, Bay of Islands. The location is obviously in front of the Duke in Russell.

Steve commented that with those canards on the bow she looked like a c.1930’s racing / record attempt craft. 

Can we shed some light on the craft?

6 thoughts on “MYSTERY SPEEDBOAT – Russell, Bay of Islands

  1. Thanks all, good to know about the photoshopping going on at the Duke. Don’t think it’s Bluebird though, the stern is different.


  2. Well it looks like a boat that used race at bottle top bay,Karaka ,Named Mystic the 1960 s .


  3. Or Max may have it hidden in his garage at Matauwhi bay, NZ powerboat design was very advanced back then….


  4. Clearly Sir Donald Campbell’s “Bluebird K7” (1955 to 1967) was – in addition to setting multiple World Water Speed Records – also able to Time Travel …. right?? Sir Donald was probably ashore searching 1910(?) era Russell for Jet-A fuel for Bluebird’s Bristol Siddeley Orpheus jet engine. He would no doubt have been disappointed to discover Jet-A fuel (and the jet engine) wouldn’t be invented for another 40 or so years – and on the other side of the planet. Clearly the “Flux Capaciter” Time Travel device onboard Bluebird was able to transport Bluebird and Sir Donald back to 1967 for their appointment with history on Coniston Water ….. right?? Nice try with the fake photo 🙂


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