Lady Isla


In the past I have spent a lot of time on Gt Barrier Island, and thought I had mooched around the shoreline of most of the bays / harbours – then bang up pops an old woody – Lady Isla, on Len Redwood’s fb. The photo is dated 2019 and is ex Caleb Bird. 

If my life depended on it, my pick for the location would be Okupu Bay.

Can we learn more about Lady Isla and how she ended up on the island.

Short and quick story today – hauled Raindance out yesterday, so a tad busy 🙂 15 months later the Jason Prew Paint Job ex the Slipway Milford – still rocks.

2 thoughts on “Lady Isla

  1. Lady Isla is hauled out on the Puriri Bay foreshore, Tryphena. Has now fallen from the cradle.
    She came to Barrier with Buster Park who fished commercially longlining snapper predominantly. Buster is now unwell. There are family here who can offer more information


  2. Wow 🤩 what a wonderful looking old boat. So sad. Just like Isa Lai sitting in a paddock on coromandel coast. Deteriorating.


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