Todays woody come to us from Garry Ralls via Lew Redwood’s fb and shows the launch – Cariad berthed in Whangarei c.1950’s. At the time she was owned by L E Ralls (Maunu Rd, Whangarei).

Cariad is a newbie to me and even Nathan Herbert has commented that she is unknown to him – and that woodys is a rarity 😉

I Suspect a very early name change – can anyone help out with more details?

Thanks to the input of Robin Elliott and Patrick Xavier – we know know the launches name was spelt – Cariad (corrected above). Check out the comments section – links to more intel there 🙂

7 thoughts on “Cariad

  1. And very like Dick Lang’s THERESA MAY which spent some time in Wjhangarei before going to Fiji as W78 with RNZAF.


  2. Definitely CARIAD. Says so on her doghouse. Also, Robin, see Mr Clenyg-Jones’ fishing innovation: He appears not long to have remained in NZ; his widow’s obituary has them soon heading off to Katoomba, Australia and rural Nigeria, before washing up in North America:

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