Corona H18 Smokes The 100th Lipton Cup Race Fleet


Today’s lead photo is of Corona H18, crossing the line – 1st –  in yesterdays 100th Anniversary Lipton Cup race, proudly hosted by the Ponsonby Cruising Club. On Monday I’ll have more photos, a lot of editing to do first. 

The first photo below was sent in by Barbara Cooke, taken last weekend at Kawau Island, late afternoon – father and daughter going for a sail – thats what life is all about, not messaging on the mobile. And the last photo is from across the world – youngest daughter and flatmates escaping London for a long weekend at the Lake District (Lake Windermere)

5 thoughts on “Corona H18 Smokes The 100th Lipton Cup Race Fleet

  1. Thanks Don -a shame my old Inky Pinky / Scullet and a number of others round the country did not make an appearance for the 100th


  2. The Lipton Cup used to be just for the restricted L class 22′ ? who won that class.


  3. Oh dear, I had to check the date was not April 1st. Corona did not win the Lipton Cup. She won the H Class division of mullet boats but not the Lipton Cup which is contested by L Class 22 foot mullet boats. I think you will find the Lipton Cup winner was Orion in a closely sailed finish beating Limited Edition on the last two legs. Third was Tamerau which led the race for 2/3rds of the course. It was a great race and a beaut day on the water.


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