SOS Nereides

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SOS NEREIDES (1937 – Colin Wild)

I’m sorry this is very light on details – but I received a call tonight – approx 8:45pm from Mark Lever the owner of  NEREIDES, the 1927, B.J.L. Jukes built one.
He had been contacted by Maritime Rescue Northland with news that NEREIDES was adrift and had collided with another vessel.
Turns out it was not Marks boat, but the 1937 Colin Wild built NEREIDES. No one was having any luck  finding / contacting the owner of NEREIDES, hence Mark’s call to me.
I made a few calls but all I was able to uncover was it was still owned by the Owens family (of transport fame). Anyone know the family & able to pass a message on that the vessel has been in a collision – I don’t know anymore sorry.

7 thoughts on “SOS Nereides

  1. Hi guys, the good news is Nereides owned by the Owens family is safely tucked up on its berth at the Tauranga Sulphur Point Maria. It looks to be having a refit as both masts are currently out and the boat has spent time on the hard in the last six months.

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  2. Bill Rutherford would certainly know who owns her now. His family had her for some time and Bill knows anything worth knowing on the waterfront.
    You could get him via Colin Rees 029 969 1221 at Busfield Marine Brokers. Bill owns that as well as The Nav Station.


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