The above photos of Rangiora, on Lake Rotorua, were sent in by Lesley Parker. Lesley commented that the gent standing in the dinghy next to the boat, looks like her grandfather – George Gregory, but the gent with the fish in the other photo is not him. Lesley thinks that this chap appears again in the photo where the duo are boiling a billy on the beach.

Lesley & WW are keen to learn more about the launch Rangiora & the connection to George Gregory.
Update – Woody Rod Prosser feels that the location could be Lake Rotoiti, in a bay the locals call Honeymoon Bay. The lines of Rod’s Lake Rotoiti based launch Rainbow (photos below) – look remarkably like Rangiora, perhaps the same builder i.e. Chris Robinson

5 thoughts on “Rangiora

  1. If Rod’s launch is the early RAINBOW, then she has been extensively modified too. She was built by Bailey & Lowe c1905 not by Charlie Robinson, although who knows with launch names?


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