5 thoughts on “Vanessa

  1. seems im wrong aboutvthe Aussie trawler bit. Cameron Pollard is never wrong.. except when he is wrong 😉


  2. she’a lovely converted Aussie trawler i think About 10-12 years ago we were motoring south from Bon Accord and were flagged down by a lovely older couple in what i think was Vanessa. They’d snagged their ( 60 kg!) anchor on the tangled old power cables off Copper Smelter. It took an hour of the heaviest heaving i have EVER done to gradually unloop all the 7 or 8 loops of cable hanging off the anchor. A mate helped me but it was nigh impossible for borh of uss to work together over the bulwark. There were literally tonnes hanging off the danforth judging by the fact the entire bow was pulled down a full 3ft on its marks. A serious situation as no-one else seemed interested in helping us. Vanessa’s skipper had a heart condition so he helmed while i manned the skuppers and heaved the loops of 1″ copper cable off the hook. My First mate was busy helming our boat as i was NOT going to put our pick down there too!. Quite a day.


  3. Yes built by the legend Robbie Roberts. Watched throughout the build. Robbie, myself, Charlie Webley and my son Daniel rolled her over in the shed. The workmanship was fantastic, and yes powered by a 3208 Cat. He even made his own custom light switches, an the switch panel was ex “Monarch”. And yes she is hard chine.


  4. I think he “did his time” with Roger Carey, which would explain the handsome, purposeful look, though she’s a hard chine boat, IIRC


  5. Built by Robbie Roberts in his back yard at Bayswater.. Never been a working boat. Cat diesel.


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