Lost & Found

Lost & Found
I do not normally do Lost & Found posts on ww, but this ones for a good friend with a stunning classic woody.
He needs to replace one of his dashboard switches & wants to keep them all matching, sadly they no longer make/sell them – so doing a shout out to all woodys to have a look in your shed draw. The switch is pictured below.
If someone has a match – I’ll swap it for a ww t-shirt 😉


3 thoughts on “Lost & Found

  1. The name of the boat I referred to above was NUKATERE, — (or similar) — as I recall & had a round chine. — KEN R


  2. Am interested to trace a c26-28 foot sedan topper built c 1946-48 powered by a 4 cyl Austin Skipper Marine engine, when new, owned by a Mr Norton when new, or nearly new, & sold to the late Ruben Porter, founder of Mason & Porter, who owned her circa 1948 -50 & both of them kept her under the bridge at Judges Bay Parnell, adjacent to the groin there, & alongside my father’s boat JULIANA. She had a lovely little flared bow particularly high wooded topsides for the era & open cockpit & varnished coamings. — KEN R


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