Historic Auckland ferry the Kestrel sinks

The Kestrel Sinks At Her Viaduct Berth

Photo & details ex NZ Herald, see link below


RadioNZ Link (ex Harold Kidd)


10-03-2016 Update – R.I.P.

Very very sad result. Just received these photos …………….. 😦 Being a Devonport boy & working in the city I have very fond ‘memories’ of Friday nights on the Kestrel.






9 thoughts on “Historic Auckland ferry the Kestrel sinks

  1. Shame. Hopefully this rather graphic sad loss of history might spark a bit of active support for the group working on the other one out on the North Western Motorway…


  2. Yes, we returned to Auckland in the mid-80’s from London and often rode the Jazz Session on Friday nights, an unlimited rides shuttle ticket from Devonport to Downtown and back with a live jazz band and beer/wine on sale. A very cool and popular thing to do, at a time when Auckland didn’t have many such international flavour things going on :-). Cheers, Les


  3. Amen…very sad. Poor old girl was looking the worse for wear a year ago when I was down there


  4. I think there is foul play here if I’m not wrong.(edited by AH, no politics on ww 😉 )


  5. It seems like someone had a hatred for old ferrys i hope there is some one to restore her to former glory as i have traveled on her to devonport and waiheke.


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