photo ex Pam Cundy

Irene was photographed by Pam Cundy (Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard) on a recent trip to Gt. Barrier Island.

There is a pretty hull hiding beneath that penthouse.  🙂
Looks like they enjoy some serious fishing on-board her.

Can any of the woodys shed some light on her ?

9 thoughts on “Irene

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  2. In 1954/5 the “Irene” was designed and built for Arthur Byles of Whangarei by Orams and Davies in Whangarei. Irene was kept in a double boatshed built by Arthur on the Oakleigh river, 9 miles south of Whangarei. He had previously owned “Ranoni” which he sold to Theo Snell of Waiotira. Both these launches could be clearly seen from SH1for many years. Nowadays the mangroves would totally obscure them. “Irene” was 37 feet long and had Twin Gray Marine petrol engines. ‘Irene’s’ game fishing was done from Tutukaka where it was moored in “Pods Bay” (Pacific Bay) during the season. About 1964 “Irene” was sold to Arthur’s ‘first mate’ Cecil Hewlett of Mata and continued to live in the Oakleigh boat shed until Cecil’s son Brian of Kerikeri took her over.


  3. Irene is based at gulf harbour and is owned by Dee Ankersmit.power by twin 80hp fords from memory,the hard top fly bridge was added about 6 or 8 years ago


  4. Yes the crew are rather involved in the CYA, not sure about the dodgy flag choice though, even if it were to be adopted 😦 that is a land based flag no thought has been given to the maritime version


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