Great Barrier Island Xmas/NY Cruise


Great Barrier Island Xmas/New Year Cruise
photos ex Jason Prew

Todays post is a peek into the cruise that Jason did aboard his 1904 Logan, Wairiki, over the 2015/16 holiday period. Cruises like this used to be the norm, somewhere along the way we have lost the plot in terms of what constitutes  a boating holiday. There is a little of everything here – classic yachts & launches, the odd super yacht & some wow sailing & scenery photos.

In the cruising flotilla we Kotuku, Pim, Wairiki, Tamariki (ketch and Brooke dinghy) & for a time Wotan.

Stunning photos & amazingly taken on an iPhone 6, set on auto – who needs a big clunky camera these days 😉

Thanks Jason for sharing.
Enjoy 🙂

As always – photos can be enlarged by clicking on them 😉

10 thoughts on “Great Barrier Island Xmas/NY Cruise

  1. I only have to smell an oyster/scallop/mussel and I’m laid up with gout. It’s supposed to be humorous but it ain’t. Coffee (long black, 3 shots) does help, or at least helps numb the brain to the pain and the ridiculousness of it all.


  2. I think they were taken last year, ie before the NY blow.
    Last week was pretty good, I am currently sitting in Kaiarara Bay bouncing around (probably seen 30kt gusts) with quite a few others waiting for the weather to pass over. Never seen Gt B so quiet over the Xmas holidays, no problem to find somewhere to anchor!


  3. Don’t believe these photos were taken this year Jase. I can see blue sky and windless days. Must be photo shopped!


  4. There was also a young 88 with us, I wouldn’t normally mention that, except it was pointed out to me that, even that design is well over 30 years old and considered by some a classic…. no wood of the varnished tree sort to be found on board tho.

    I got 9 days out of the bread before it became too obvious it was past it’s best 🙂 rowed around a fair old bit, not one suitable mussel did i find ready to be harvested 😦 a very sad situation


  5. Absolutely, I totally agree & isn’t it lovely to also see LADY MARGARET, AWATERE, COMANDER ONE & all the other lovely classics yachts & launches that are there with them, Real boaties having a real boating holiday. Fab pics — lovely — KEN R
    (edited by AH)


  6. Jase the Ace! Yep that is the way it should be. Eggs used up in the first few days, butter soft salad stuff all limp and done in four, bread going mouldy by 10 days, plenty of beer in the bilges and tins of baked beans and spag left. One Christmas cake still there. Catching fish and harvesting mussels
    BTW Jeez, those soouper yachts are bloody ugly aren’t they? Especially the angular one with the straight stem and box aft. Blot on the landscape. Almost give a man a migraine looking at all those mismatched angles and windows.


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