photo ex Nathan Herbert

The above photos of Motunau were taken in Okahu Bay, Nathan reports that Harold Kidd says was built for the Chamberlains & that she is probably a Lidgard. Interested if anyone can supply more details on her. Nathan has a sneaky feeling that her lines show a hint of Colin Wild i.e. a smaller type Haunui.

11-04-2017 Update ex Nathan Herbert – photo below from the G. Riethmaier collection of  Motunau getting her new top 😉

Among the yards at Westhaven G. Riethmaier

8 thoughts on “Motunau

  1. Another fine Gardner powered vessel.
    Had a direct drive gardner gearbox for years which was recently changed to a 1.5:1 twin disc hydraulic unit. She steams much better even with a bit of foul on the bigger prop. Don often comments on the note of her dry exhaust when under way. (Like a couple of trapped bumble bees in a tin can.)


  2. Hey, that’s pretty persuasive! It’s damned hard trying to follow the bewildering range of the Chamberlin brothers’ boats. In early times they were Logan Bros customers but some of the brothers had an allegiance to Lanes eg George’s PONUI II and Henry’s FALCON.


  3. In chat with Bob Salthouse about the design process of Kotanui, I was told: “…the lines on the Chamberlin’s Ponui work boat, Col had straightened out little and I felt that the boat ran with less of a wave form and ran very sweetly. With “Kotanui” I ventured a wee bit straighter…”


  4. Fred CHAMBERLIN (not Chamberlain) had two MOTUNAUs, the first c1950 and MOTUNAU II c1980, I’m guessing this boat is MOTUNAU I. In the Chamberlins’ history there is no mention of builders of either. I’m guessing Lidgards for MOTUNAU I because of the Chamberlins’ close friendship with the Lidgards since the days when the Lidgards were in Thames (1870s) and the building of MATIA in 1939.


  5. Hi, Motunau is proudly owned by Don Renwick (of Coates Ave, Orakei ) and has been so for many years.
    Bruce T.


  6. She was built for Fred Chamberlain who owned & lived around the “back,” (on the southern side of Ponui Island & was his general transport for many years — towed stock barges to the mainland, as well as providing personal transport to Auckland. Never saw here cruising. Fred C., was a devout Christian, & took groups of children for camps on the island on her, as well.
    Recall is, she was built in the early 1950s around the time & not long after the LADY CROSSLEY & just before or after the HAUNUI, & of course was in general terms a copy of that style, but not so “up market,” & well kept being a “work boat.” He had her for many years. & as above may well have been built by Roy or Fred Lidgard or perhaps C. Wild, as the most likely contenders for this title. — Used to know but have forgotten. Superstructure particularly the bridge section, has been modified a little through the years. — KEN R


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