photo & details ex Paul Drake

Today’s launch is Privateer a recent arrival at Lake Taupo. Can anyone comment on where she came from and what her history is? Paul mentioned that she seems quite heavily ribbed. Not an Auckland boat perhaps?

The photo is taken (Aug 12) at the marina at Motuoapa (at the southern end of the lake) & the reason its so empty is it has been closed and emptied of boats, in preparation for its re development.
Soon the weathered wooden jetties and the wetland/island in the middle will be gone. The new marina will lack any character whatsoever and be all plastic, as is the custom these days. A little sad if you like weathered wooden jetties! Anyway, its great that the last boat out will be a woody.

2 thoughts on “Privateer

  1. Well spotted, Zach. There was a SANDPIPER in Wellington owned by W.B. Laird of Masterton but she was a 20 footer built in 1969 by Mason Marine with a 160hp Mercruiser. I think a couple of name changes?


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