The term ‘A block of flats’

Some times I go on a little bit about excessive / OTT fly-bridges on old boats & have been known to use the words ‘a block of flats’  – I was sent the photo below which would have to win 1st prize 🙂

16 thoughts on “The term ‘A block of flats’

  1. Boat is now called LOLA MAY. Davey Jones and I saw her in Chaffers Wellington last Octiber. The owner said she was a Lidgard? a live aboard singlehander, no autopilot and heading for Whakatane.Davey and I looked at each other wondering?
    Gary Underwood


  2. Agreed. At least the owner/owners get out on the water in sed boats. At the end of the day that is all that matters.


  3. Forsooth: An attack of flatulence in a confined space may be tolerated by the owner but generally not by the bystanders. So be it with sheds. Aesthetics is only a chainsaw away and Frank is right and I’ve heard George say the same. The hull is saved for another day and another owner possibly.


  4. Oh folks – this is a little harsh. These square edged, curvature-lacking high rise vessels may well lack the traditional marine aesthetic. Nonetheless, speaking from experience, I think there is a very positive side. Such ‘reconfigurations’ often prolong the life of a vessel that might otherwise be doomed to chainsaw and beehive alterations. These perhaps odd looking vessels provide real enjoyment for their owners at an affordable price and give a taste for what could be. It helps that the materials used for the original sacred bones and in particular the hull of the vessels, outlive the untreated construction ply and bathroom silicon used for new cabins, allowing the vessels to live another day or so, until enthusiasts such as the fine folk on this site acquire them at a reasonable price and restore them to their former glory. Just another view……Frank.


  5. There is the ‘block of flats’ and the other eyesore, the ‘plastic tomato house’.
    We reserve that name for flybridge launches with plastic covering on their fly bridge which would be better in the garden for growing those hot house tomatoes….


  6. Ken, I’ve often thought that there should be another button beside (LIKE) e.g. a (HATE) button, gives you a choice. An innovation for WW?
    Ummm to see the savage art of shedmanship, you have to go up some of the muddy creeks in the UK. Those liveaboard men have raised it to an artform!


  7. It’s only a few years ago that the poor thing was a working girl. No beauty, but a sturdy commercial launch. Looked at her myself with a view to conversion, but couldn’t see a way to get the accommodation I needed without making her an eyesore. Seems someone wasn’t so squeamish!


  8. Well done Alan, Have used your beautiful description many times since hearing it just over a year ago, notice that many boats you feature have a black and white picture showing lovely low lines only to have a 70s or 80s re-mod done by a house builder! keep up the necessary banter I say!


  9. Am not sure why you used the words above ” be the first to like this”!!! — KEN R


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