TAMURE Now the question is – whats going on here? a wee spot of ‘Impact Hydrography’ or some roadside maintenance? There was lots of work going on down aft. One of the woodys snapped the photo yesterday from his house in Mahurangi (west). Anyone able to supply some more info on her, enlarging the photo tells me its not the Tamure built (supposedly) by Dick Lang in the 1920’s. You can view this one by searching Tamure in the ww search box.

10 thoughts on “Tamure

  1. That’s right Baden this the John Gladden built Tamure which I commercially fished from for 20 odd years – she is a very nice solid boat being strip planked.
    Awesome sea boat and once refurbished she will be a very nice vessel.


  2. Feedback from Baden Pascoe below

    This is not the old bridge decker Tamure, this is the Woolacott/ (built by John Gladden) 32’fishing launch built about 1969 for Auckland fisherman Tom Williams. He later moved to Whitianga and he and my father often longlined as a group if they knew were the fish were. I see her on Trade me, very run down. She would clean up to make a nice pleasure boat.


  3. There are obviously 2 TAMURES I’ve got a pic of the Dick Lang one, & she is high wooded in the bow straight stem, with an old style square bridgedeck, & in outstanding condition as at fairly recently. This boat us definitely not the Dick Lang one, as she is a sedan top & looks as if she’s too new.
    She doesn’t seem to have anchor out from the bow, but there is something that is hanging over the side that may be an anchor chain, also the chap underneath seems to be holding something that may be some type of patch for somewhere, so my guess is she is having some running repairs –perhaps spontaneously, if the bottom came up to meet her unexpectedly, at speed. —
    Looks as if she may have been built in the1950s or 60s — KEN RICKETTS


  4. It’s alright, we can talk out loud now, they have gone.
    Now I’m predicting the cya spy was non other than Mr W. And whilst his lovely wife wasn’t watching he snatched her very high tech camera and hastily took a snap of the vessel in question, from his front deck. If he had only known how to use that fancy piece of equipment to its utmost we would all have known precisely what they were up to out on that beach. Mrs W takes the most glorious sharp photos of the dotterals and shore birds on the Omaha spit with that very same camera.
    Am I wrong ? Or did I just dream it up in the quiet of this lovely


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