Hands off the Waitemata


Waitematawoodys tends to not get involved in anything political but with the word ‘Waitemata’ part of the name, it would be hard not to when our magnificent harbour is under threat.

Firstly some facts – we, as rate payers, via the Auckland Council, own the Ports of Auckland, but neither POA or AC appear to give a toss about their shareholders. These two are about to start extending Bledisloe Wharf by nearly 100m into the Waitemata Harbour, our harbour. Work starts April 2015, yeap next month.

Now I can hear you thinking – how can that be? Well, resource consents for the wharf extensions were issued secretly and without any public notification or public consultation by Auckland Council.

The extensions will completely block the Queens wharf view of the outer Waitamata Harbour (see comparison graphics above). We the shareholders spent $40 million to buy this wharf off POA & now we will get to look at container ships and/or wharf car park.

If you feel that we are being ripped & more importantly losing something that should be taboo – join the On-water Rally Protest next Sunday (22nd @ 3.30pm) Details on the flyer below. You can read more here




8 thoughts on “Hands off the Waitemata

  1. If we were to be in Auckland 22nd we would certainly attend the rally. Hard to believe that our beautiful harbour is about to be shrunk, yet again. Why can’t Marsden Pt be utilised for such a purpose as storing cars etc? Not logical or practical, they say. Len and his team should be downright ashamed of this latest cockup!


  2. Its downright appalling and underhanded tactics from all involved. Pass the port business to Tauranga or extend the rail link to Marsden and give Whangarei the injection it could do with.

    Besides the physical and visual effect on the Waitemata, it will also add heavy traffic to an already overloaded motorway network.

    I frequent various harbors around the world and Auckland is right up there as one of the finest. It would never fly anywhere else in this day and age.


  3. The more the Port extends Bledisloe Wharf, the GREATER the tidal race/stream.

    The Waitemata will rush thru a narrow gap making boating hazardous in the vicinity of the wharf. The harbour will silit up and Westhaven will become mudflats.

    We will no longer have a world class harbour.



  4. The most disappointing thing is the welcome speech by Mayor Brown at the Volvo Ocean Race Prizegiving on Friday excited about a Major Event such as the Volvo Ocean Race coming in to our city, celebrating our sailing legacy and thanking VOR for spending their money into our economy.

    The VOR used every inch of the width between Quay St and Devonport in their Inport Race and it will be the last time we see it. It is blatant theft of ‘Our Heritage’ from Ports of Auckland
    (Auckland City shareholder) and stolen in the most cynical way lodging the consent just before Christmas. Please take note of the Councillors that voted for it and give them the message!

    We are out there Sunday 22 March to actively lodge our protest. Please join us on the water to make sure the message is LOUD and CLEAR!


  5. You know, I would have thought that the prospect of these days extending a dirty old visually and aurally polluting industrial area surrounded by prime accessible lifestyle areas would be naturally impossible. Like mining Mt Cook or draining lake Tarawera for development. Most benefit in the short term financially but wow- you’d NEVER get back the quality of life afforded by the natural area that is our harbour, being stolen away.


  6. I maybe in Macau 12000Kms away but i do support the cause. It would not happen in Sydney and should not happen in Auckland. Its our key asset for tourism.


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