Lady Gillian

Lady Gillian

After yesterdays visual explosion of boats & related bits, I thought I would give your eyes a rest & put your brains to work i.e. test the research powers of ww out. All I know about Lady Gillian is the she is currently somewhere in the South Island. So folks what do we know about her?

ps people viewed yesterdays post 4,315 times, that is the second highest one day viewing, the highest being my first post on the Whangateau Traditional Boat yard, that tells me ww people share my fondness for what Pam & George are up to in that old red shed 🙂 If you missed it , just scroll down.


14 thoughts on “Lady Gillian

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  2. Harald531, you are quite wrong. The boat had an earlier name, but was renamed in 1942 by my grandfather Gus Henshaw upon the birth of his first granddaughter….ME.. !! Delighted to see her still afloat and thriving.


  3. Hi Alan, Fascinated to find pics of the Lady Gillian—- in an idle moment online. The boat had a history in “the islands” before my grandfather [Augustus Seymour Henshaw] bought her c.1942 and named it after ME… born 1942. Gus Henshaw was an Auckland business man and was the GrandMaster of Auckland Masonic Lodge, There was also the Lady Sarah…. ? the Heard family boat moored in Hobson Bay.. He died 1945 and the boat was managed by Mr Howell until it was sold ?1960s and went to Wellington. She was moored at Westhaven and I have SO MANY childhood memories of times afloat. We were on the harbour for the arrival of our new Queen 1953 on the “Gothic” – and I nearly went overboard….. I had always thought she would be scrap by now. Wonderful news. Brings a tear or two!!!


  4. My mum spent time on this vessel in the late 1940s.On the Waitemata moored at Westhaven. Gus Henshaw owned her then. My Grandfather Harold Howell sailed her for Gus when he was unable to go out due to illness. She was previously named Val Royale and served as a fishing vessel. Originally had a diesel engine, but this was replaced by a 91hp petrol grey marine engine and bendix control.
    Harold maintained the vessel until 1955-56 when she was sold to people who took her to Paramata.
    My mum has several photos of her on the hard and on water.


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  6. Must be another one of those common names, — must say I agree with Harold — I knew a LADY GILLIAN, but that’s not her, the one I knew, was newer & had a more flared bow c mid 1930s probably – still with the bridgedeck however — KEN RICKETTS


  7. Agreed, that aft canopy/dodger really looks at home. Combined with a toe rail, a little spring in her waterline for’d would also do wonders.


  8. Robin Elliott recorded her at Paremata at the Mana CC in 2000. It’s a name change, I would say, some husband getting around his wife, Gillian, to allow him to get boating. Could be any builder of the period 1910 to 1930 and originally a flushdecker. However that row of even-sized ports is characteristic of a southern build and she could pass for an early Jukes from Balaena Bay.


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