Skin-On-Frame Dinghy @ Mahurangi Regatta

Skin-On-Frame Dinghy @ Mahurangi Regatta 

Paul Tingey – Voted Marketer of the Year 🙂

Now if you have been around the classic wooden boat scene for a little while you would know that Paul Tingey is a very talented boat builder, well folks I can report he is also a rather clever marketing man as well.

Picture the scene – 400 > 450 classic boating people all gathered in a very small area (Mahurangi Regatta Sat Night Beach BBQ & Dance), everyone has a good view of the beach, up rows Paul in the above floating piece of art. There was not a set of eyes in the bay that did not at some stage check out Paul’s skin-on-frame dinghy. Most walked over for a closer view & would have seen the very stylish name board with the builders name & mob ph# on it. Very clever Mr Tingey, if I was the judge for the Marketing Awards I would give you the ‘Guerrilla / Ambush Marketing Award’ 🙂


What is guerrilla marketing? click below

3 thoughts on “Skin-On-Frame Dinghy @ Mahurangi Regatta

  1. Yes a very nice example of boatbuilding, just like one of the late Platt Montforts Geodesic Aerolite boats with the sheer taken out. They are remarkably strong as long as loaded evenly.


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