Sea Crest – Summer boating in the good old days

photo ex classicboatnz, chat ex Ken Ricketts


Ken Ricketts initially thought Sea Crest could have been a Lidgard build but a discussion with his old friend Jim Thomson who has a wonderful recall, on all the Lidgard boats & was involved with the construction of virtually all his boats, from about 1949 onwards, until Roy & his son Jim’s very sad & untimely death at sea, in the 1960’s, has confirmed Sea Crest was not a Lidgard. Reviewing the photo both Ken & Jim feel she may very well be by Billy Rogers.

Sea Crest has a platform on the tuck, which may not be original, as these did not become popular until the very late 1950’s or 1960’s, so she could well have been built just before that time.

She is a lovely boat with superb balance of line, symmetry, colour scheme & is a great advert for her builder & all her owner/s.

Does anyone have information & photos on this boat?

4 thoughts on “Sea Crest – Summer boating in the good old days

  1. Brian Worthington thankyou for your information. The ownership information I received was from the formers Warren & Wendy Prujean of Auckland. They were vague & not 100% certain re:Sea Crest’s full timeline. Other than knowing that she was definitely built in Tauranga 1965. I have just investigated all of her receipts We received upon purchase. The oldest reciept I have is from 1982 with the owner name of Brian Rumble attached, Sea Crest spent time at the Lane Motor Boat Company panmure Auckland in 1982.
    Is it possible she left Tauranga for Auckland waters about that time?
    I’m in the process of sending Alan some update pictures & will also send him a photo of Sea Crest in the water before her mechanical decline under the former owners watch.
    It would be significant for me if we are talking about the same Sea Crest as Im a keen to discover her history as to my father’s previous Shipbuilders Launch named Evening Star.
    Other than the information I have mentioned. .. she measures 32 foot waterline length & 35 foot overall length … with the traditional 10 foot 7″ beam & 4 foot draft. Her hull is double diagonal kauri … with fiberglass over from the water line to her Kelsom.
    Any further information or pictures is appreciated.

    Kind Regards Jake.


  2. Sea Creast is designed by Shipbuilders and built in Tauranga for
    Sid Gamman who milled his own Kauri timber for the vessel.
    The photo above from my site was when West Marshall owned Sea Crest.
    Brian Worthington.


  3. Gentlemen, Late last 2015 year My family & I purchased a 35 foot Shipbuilders Launch named “Sea Crest” from a lovely couple belonging to Clevedon game fishing club.
    I believe She maybe the same Launch as in the photo as our Sea Crest’s transom resembles the large surface area & her aft duck board featuring her wider running boards along her hull are the spec as our Dear Lady.
    Our Sea Crest was built by Tauranga Boat Builders in 1965, then apparently transportated to Auckland for her topside & fitting out. She remained in Auckland with 3x long term owners. I believe the 2nd owner was responsible for refitting her with trawler style & flybridge which compliment her hull lines very nicely.
    Long story short … We found her forsale on Trademe.Being sold as is.Her engine being her downfall. Water in the oil & a large knocking sound was what the former owner had shared.
    We viewed her on the hard at Clevedon boat yard & came to a deal.
    With the help of Boat Haulage, we shipped her to our home, where she is now happily sitting, receiving a refurbish. Many thanks to My good friend & Boss we have pulled her engine out & stripped it down. She has a 220hp turbocharged straight 6 ford sabre, fully marinised care of ford lees. We found a couple of the oil feed pipes which feed oil into the base of the bores had broken off, then ran through the crankshaft (luckily no damage) then sat in the sump ever since. The crankshaft drive gear at the head of the block is also damaged, I believe as a consequence of the broken pipes. Re: water in the oil … her raw water pump was leaking water badly at the head of the engine, resulting in salt water mixing with the engine oil. Surprisingly, her bores & 5 pistons are in good condition. 1x piston skirt wears a hairline Crack. The head & head gasket appear to be in good condition with nil cracks.Currently we are pricing up rebuilding her engine or buying a good 2nd hand engine.I believe this is her 3rd engine spec. Previously she was powered by a Mitsubishi diesel & I would believe originally a 4cyl Ford Lee’s 72hp or there abouts.
    As well as rebuilding her engine, currently we are rearranging/rebuilding her cockpit, living quarters & flybridge. The purpose is to open up her areas so she is more spacious/functional for fishing & staying away on. I have progress photos of our work should anyone be interested. We are aiming to have her steaming on the water December/January this year.
    Cheers Jake


  4. I;d say “SEA CREST” is the name, & probably Roy Lidgard as builder, — she has some similarities to my own FLYING SCUD, which I owned 1970 to 1976, & which was built by him in 1953. — KEN RICKETTS


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