Help Wanted Finding Old Family Launch – LISA


Help Wanted Finding Old Family Launch – LISA

Earlier this year I was contacted by Philip & Phillipa Goddard who were looking for details on the 28’ launch Lisa that in the mid 1960s, their family cruised around Waiheke Island in. They only owned her for a few year but they have many fond memories of her.

Philip is not 100% sure of the history below, but would like to think that maybe someone else can put some light on it.

They were told that she was built pre 1900 & initially launched in the Manukau Harbour but later moved to the Waitemata. At some stage a person called Ken Simpson owned her, Philip can remember him coming aboard at some stage & pointed out a rib that he had replaced.

Philip commented that she was a great sea boat that had a burst of speed if you opened up the throttle. One of his lasting memories is using the toilet directly next to the running uncovered petrol engine J

Philip’s father is now in his early 80s & would love to hear what became of Lisa.







4 thoughts on “Help Wanted Finding Old Family Launch – LISA

  1. Well she was certainly not built “pre-1900”, more like “pre-1930”. Wrong shape entirely.
    LISA is a name change, probably one of many, so that doesn’t help.
    The only thread of her “history”, if true, that’s worth a damn, is the shift from the Manukau to the Waitemata, and there are multiple candidates for that.
    Surely the Goddards can provide more…her dimensions, her engine, more images????


  2. The Ken Simpson recall could well be right, because Ken Simpson of K Simpson Electrical Wholesalers, was a keen boatie whom I knew very well, in the 1950s/60s, & who owned the LADY RAE, for a period during that era, so he could well have owned the LISA prior to that. He would at a guess, have been in his 50s 60s during this time. — KEN R


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