2 thoughts on “Raiona 2010 launch race at Mahurangi

  1. Well done Bob saving Raiona, we have now owned Raiona for 9 years and is a testament to your hard work. Raiona is still putting many nautical miles under her belt yearly. This summer we hope to do the Mercury Islands, Barrier, and up to Whangaroa. Looking forward to Mahuranghi Regatta as well.
    Michael.B and Sarah


  2. A beautiful ship. From Bob Cleave. We owned her from 1965 Bought her for 4500 pounds in 1965 and paid $9000 dollars (on the cusp Pounds to dollars) owned her for about 18 years. We spent the first 2 years overhauling her. She had been kept in one of the boatsheds in Kepa Rd. during the War and had dried out in that time and was recaulked prior to being slid out of the boat shed. All sorts of creaking must have followed because after I Bought it I cleaned out the bilge, it was full of oil and muck, when clean I noticed the ribs were all pulled apart from the stringers. First job was, back in the boat shed and fitted shaped laminated ribs between most of the ribs. Boy oh boy what a job. The hull is now as tight as a drum. Been a beautiful vessel. Great in a following sea. Cruised for 15 years with Jim Luke, in Ruamano


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