Would It Float


Sometimes you have to ask yourself – is the photo for real or has it been ‘photo-shopped’, well woodys I can tell you this ones for real. But would it float?, does the builder ever intended taking her out to open water? I think we can assume that the owner was a serious DIY’er and not an actual boat builder. Kind of reminds me of a ‘boat’ at the Te Atatu Boating Club in West Auckland, but a whole lot un sea friendly.

MARINA WANTED – 12m+ Temp Only

One of our passionate woodys is looking for a 12meter+ marina in the Hobsonville / Bayswater / Westhaven area. Upwards of 6 weeks. Its a woody returning to Auckland and they need to park her while they sort out a more permanent home. Email me at  waitematawoodys@gmail.com  if you know of anyone hauled out for winter etc.

6 thoughts on “Would It Float

  1. I Have seen better in the UK, with a Land Rover as the main saloon, and a mini as flying bridge, did not have a camera though.


  2. Are they a Cya member – Heritage landing? 👀

    Good thinking Batman, why didn’t I think of that 🙂
    Cheers Alan


  3. Of course she’ll float, – with a couple of tons of lead in the bottom or outriggers, she’ll be awesome!
    Looks a bit like a big cat houseboat which was built in Silverdale recently,- hull volume to ‘house’ looked a bit optimistic I always wondered how well it floated once everything was installed, (think it was launched in 2019) BTW, notice the grab rails on the roof,-how tall is this guy???!


  4. The air trapped in the hull would probably keep it afloat after it capsized – for a while! 🙂
    Don’t know if the “perpetrator” was a boatbuilder or not, but he definitely didn’t involve a Naval Architect/boat designer in the project.


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