Scamp Sailing on the Manukau – April 1946


Scamp Sailing on the Manukau - April 1946

Scamp Sailing on the Manukau – April 1946, when owned by Jim Jenkin.

photo & words ex Robin Elliott

Built by Roy Parris while working at Shipbuilders during the war from off-cuts from the Fairmiles c.1943/44

The yacht registrations were a bit of a shambles during the War and no record has yet shown up stating that Scamp was ever issued with V-28, but I have no doubt that she was. In 1945 with the Auckland register in a shambles, a serious attempt was made to clean it up but no official list was published until the winter of 1946, by which time Scamp was on the Manukau (carrying sail V-28).
V-28 was issued to Stormbird in 1927, Memutu in 1932, Witch in 1944. Macushla in 1946, Coronet in 1950 and Raven in 1958.

The Manukau yachting administration kept its own register, so the sail number of an Auckland yacht sold over there (or further outside Auckland) became vacant and was available for re-issue. The smaller fleets on the Manukau usually meant that an ex-Auckland boat could keep its existing sail number, e.g. V-28 for Scamp, V-90 for Jeanette rather that be given a totally new number. Later on, if the boat returned to the Waitemata, it was re-registered with Auckland, and if its original number had since been re-issued, then it was issued with a new number e.g. Scamp to V-45 in 1947.


(another stunning yacht project that I just had to share)
Scamp was designed and  built by Roy Parris for his own use in 1943 while he was working at Shipbuilders building Fairmiles for the war effort. She was sold not long after and taken over to the Manukau by Jim Jenkins and consequently lost her launching registration number of V28 as Manukau boats couldn’t then be registered in Auckland. On Scamp’s return to the Waitemata she was re registered as V45.
I don’t have much history but know she was owned by Glen Trainer at some stage before she eventually went north to Tinopai on the Kaipara Hbr and sailed there for several years by Rod Neels. Ironically when I was looking for a restoration project I discovered her back in Auckland and owned by John Tattersfield and brought her back here to Tinopai. I knew Rod at the time but was totally unaware of the connection until he casually mentioned one day that he has once owned an 18 footer……….snap!
Early on I decided there wasn’t enough original boat left to consider a restoration so the project began as a  four year rebuild. Scamp was relaunched at Tinopai in Jan 2013, seventy years after she first touched water down on the Waitemata
Anyone interested in more detailed information on the rebuild or with any further history on Scamp is more than welcome to contact Greg Schultz
Story & photos ex Greg Schultz
Footnote: Greg is looking for an N-Class to restore, if anyone can point him in the direction of a ‘good’ one, contact him at the email address above.