3 thoughts on “TINOPAI ON KAIPARA

  1. Thanks for the information about my grandfathers old boat. Looks like she has a lot of work done on her in the last few years. Do you know if she is still at Pahi and if Robyn still owns her. I did a google search on Robyn, but didn’t have much luck. Could you pass on my details for him to get in touch or send me his if that is OK.
    Terry Shepherd


  2. Hi,
    Not sure if you can help, but my Grandfather had a boat built and was moored at Tinopai in the sixties and probably prior to that.The boat was called Margarita named after my grand mother. In later years it was used by the Franich family as a fishing boat based in Ruawai. The last time I saw the boat was in about 2006 moored in the small harbour area in Ruawai. I remember seeing a photo in my grand parents bach at Tinopai as a child and at some stage it had won a race and was one of the fastest boats in the Kaipara harbour. My wife and I have owned launches for the last 20 plus years and thinking if the Margarita was still afloat, it would be great to bring back into the family as a restoration project. It was moored in Tinopai most of it life.
    Thanks in advance,
    Terry Shepherd


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