Workboat Wednesday + Garage Sale

Starlight 1984 @ Woody Bay Rakino Island


I was sent the above photo by Gary Stanborough whose family owned the 32’ Des Townson designed and built yacht Starlight from 1978 to 2016, so any other namesake boats would always catch our attention.

Gary took the photo in 1984 in Woody Bay, Rakino Island but knows nothing of the history of this salty looking old timer. She’s tied alongside another fishing boat. Does anyone know of her past or what’s become of her? Reg # is AK14333.

A great example of the amazing work the Rakino Island residents have been doing on the planting front. 


One of our followers is using the enforced lock-down to clean out a home workshop.There are a few bits and pieces up for grabs and a project boat that never got finished, but it’s very close to being done though. It looks to be around 14ft, and a sailing and rowing skiff. Design is called a Phoenix 3. Comes with a rig and centre board but not the trailer. Offers around $500 will see the boat oft a new owner.Plus a woodworkers tool cabinet & a few misc. tools
Drop me an email if you are interested waitematawoodys@waitematawoodys

Leeway > Melanie

Leeway > Melanie
Today’s launch photo comes to us from the Andrew Donovan Collection. No name on the flip side so we will hopefully get an ID from some of the Bay of Island woodys. That is assuming its a BOI boat and photo.

Harold Kidd Input – LEEWAY/MELANIE was built by 20th Century Boats (Brian Donovan) in 1959. Last word was in 2015 when she was for sale by a Havelock owner. Brian of course was Andy Donovan’s brother.


BOI woody – Dean Wright filmed a short video to show you and I some cool drinking mugs that a Bay Of Islands potter, Lynda Harris, makes and personalise for your boat.

Each one is hand painted from a supplied photo. They are fired in batches of x60, so subject to orders, the lead time can be a little while (that was an Irish answer).

Cost is $45, which is very reasonable for a functional art object. If you are interested in the artists contact details – email me waitematawoodys@waitematawoodys