Mystery Launch 01-04-2023

Mystery Launch 01-04-2023

Todays woody photo comes to us from Brian Peet. Brian commented that the origin unknown as there came from the non-boating side of his mother’s family. So woodys can we ID the launch and location.

If the weather is good later today I’ll be mooching over to Islington Bay, Rangitoto Island for a cleansing ale and to see who won the ‘Round Rangitoto’ launch race and annual Cake Day competition.

UPDATE – CYA CANCELED THE EVENT (again) – Par for the course these days I was a week early with the cake – the below was afternoon tea on Raindance last Sunday – dark sticky ginger cake with lemon cream cheese icing & frosted walnuts. Based on taste feedback I might have won 🙂

3 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 01-04-2023

  1. Re: Mystery Launch 01-04-2023. It is secured to the western side of the Torpedo Bay Jetty. Photo taken by the rock pool at the base of North Head.


  2. sure its harry Mayne old dauntless that Zane grey went game fishing on 1916 lanes
    now resides in milford creek


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