Auckland To Get A Wooden Boat Festival


Well woodys it’s been a long time in the cooking pot but at last it’s a happening thing. Circle 24th Feb > 24th March 2024 in the diary. Bankrolled by Auckland Council’s Unlimited Major Events division, the Wooden Boat Festival will be part of a month long Ocean Festival.

Having previously spoken to the brains trusts behind both the Australian Wooden Boat Festival and the Port Townson – USA, Wooden Boat Festival their advice was start small and grow organically. Also it’s not all about old large gaff rigged yachts, the home built wooden canoe needs to be also front and centre. Public access also needs to free.

The fact the event name has BOAT in it and not YACHT is a positive sign 😉


In reply to my question what’s happening with the Vos Shed ? –  I got “we have a paying tenant , a film crew are currently using it” WTF….. every time I see / hear that the Maritime Museum are involved in anything, it’s the kiss of death. We live in hope, but if I had $10 for every time I have been told “I shouldn’t tell you this, but it’s happening, an announcement soon” I would be a wealthy man. 


Went to the boat show yesterday – lots of on-the-water vessels, most with a price tag on them. The ’trade’ exhibits were down in numbers but still good to catch up with the normal crew. Zero woodys to be seen – but if I suffered a bang-on-the-head and had a desire for a plastic boat, I’d be looking at a Sasga Yachts – Menorquin 42’ HT – lots of wood on show and built in Spain.

3 thoughts on “Auckland To Get A Wooden Boat Festival

  1. Yeah well, remember when the Maritime Museum (being run at the time by an accountant and not a maritime enthusiast) cleared out the gallery and leased it out to America’s Cup competitors. He said they needed the money: ALL museums need money. Mystic is about the only one doing well because it has desirable historical items in it and sells plans etc.


  2. I’ve mentioned this before….the definition of a yacht is a “vessel used for cruising, racing or other non commercial purposes”
    None of the definitions specify sail or motor as part of the definition, although Rain Dance could be described as a motor yacht. Even Britannia was describes as the Royal Yacht, and there wasn’t a sail anywhere to be seen.


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