Very Salty Double Ender At The Viaduct

Very Salty Double Ender At The Viaduct

Brett Evans sent in the photo above of what appears to be a recent restoration / refit of a double-ender that is currently berthed in Auckland’s Viaduct. Apologies in advance if she has been on WW before – but with no nane or details, its impossible to search for her. 

Can we learn her past and who has undertaken the recent work

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7 thoughts on “Very Salty Double Ender At The Viaduct

  1. Bonita is the Spanish word for pretty or cute – this is an appropriate name.
    Bonito is the name for Skipjack Tuna – also appropriate name for a fishing boat.
    Bonitto is I think a misspelling but hey anything seems to go for boat names.


  2. Good to see the old girl it’s called the bonito built in 1924 lanes in Picton for the guards family for fishing our family had it from 1977 to 2021 my granddad Les ruffell had it first then my uncle Gary Les son had it and I looked after it before she was sold out of the family very much missed will love to go and see her in Auckland one day soon love to meet the new owner got a lot of history on her she been down 3 times in it’s life but never been the boats fault


  3. Someone can hold their head in pride. There’d be a place for her on the CYA marina surely.
    That is a fine rebuild and looks just great. No boxy sheds coming from that shop.
    BZ -well done that man. But what name? A good boat should have a name born with pride. Bet it’s a good name and not named for the owners favourite tipple.


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