Classic Launch Parma Sinks Under Harbour Bridge

Classic Launch Parma Sinks Under Harbour Bridge

Very sad photo above of the 1958, 34’ Brin Wilson built launch Parma that sunk today near / under the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Cause of sinking unknown, it was a beautiful flat day on the harbour, a witnesses said she just starting sinking before their eyes. At this stage unable to comment on the condition of those onboard or whether she can be salvaged.

Any more input would be appreciated .

We updated her WW story, just a month ago when she had a change of ownership – link here

08-08-2022 UPDATE – dockside chat reports that Parma was refloated and currently hauled out at Westpark (Hobsonville Marina). ‘Probable’ cause of the sinking – not using the center span under the Auckland Harbour bridge and taking the gap between last upright and Northcote Point – lots of man-made bricks there – refer photos below

4 thoughts on “Classic Launch Parma Sinks Under Harbour Bridge

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  2. Hitting concrete or not off Northcote Pt, looks to have disturbed a pretty significant hole that someone has chosen to literally fill with polyfiller and externally secure with plywood. Terrifying to think there are those amongst us who could consciously put a vessel back into the water in such a state-and i’d imagine grounds for a civil case. Pity the poor owner who would appear to have bought her recently and likely on trust of vendors word without pulling her out for a look. I’m noy sure i’ve ever seen such a repair, and he’s fortunate in a sense the failure occurred in the harbour meters from safety and not out in the gulf in large swell. Insurance outcome will be interesting, i’d imagine they wont be overly forthcoming


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