The launch Carla popped up recently on a fb post by Peter David. Peter commented at the time that she was designed by John Lidgard and Peter’s father. Built by John Lidgard.Only two were built – Carla in the early 1970’s using kauri planks and another with balsa sandwich / fibre-glass. Both boats were for Peters father.

Carla won the Atlantic 100 race on her first try in the following categories – biggest boat / slowest boat and first overall on handicap.

Can we shed some light on Carla and what became of her?

5 thoughts on “Carla

  1. I was aboard “CARLA” in 1977 or 78 in one of the Epiglass events on Auckland Harbour.. She was owned by Charlie Gilbert one of the founders of Hardware Manufacturing Company. My understanding was Carla was built for him.


  2. I believe this Carla may have been the cover shot on an old Seaspray when she was competing in the Atlantic 100


  3. There gas been a good set of current and old pics of Carla on WW recently, which are not the boat above? I last saw the above boat at Totara North on a mooring with extended stern and tall enclosed bridge.


  4. I believe she has a forerunner , & is substantially similar to an earlier version of her, along with a lot of various similarities, to a boat John L, had built, around 1966, in his shed, at Cartwright Rd, Glen Eden, with the owners having some input, called the AVENGER, which was powered by a single 120HP Ford Diesel.

    (Owner of AVENGER, Noel; Sparnon had previously had John build him the OLYMPIA II, in c1962/3 — (Previously featured on WW).

    The late Noel & Thora Sparnon, who were good friends for many years, lived in Te Atatu South, right above their boats, In Alwyn Ave, right by the motorway, on the Whau river, at that time.. – KEN R


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