Poseidon – 36’ Owen Woolley Launch

Poseidon – 36’ Owen Woolley Launch

Its only a mystery because the broker selling it has deleted the name…….. She is 36’ in length, has a beam of 10’5” and draws 3’3”. Built in 1963, from kauri and carvel planked. The forward motion is via a 80hp Ford diesel.Home is probably Northland.

Can anyone put a name to the boat, so we can have a record of her on WW.

27-11-21 Update from John H (previous owner) the boat is named – Poseidon

6 thoughts on “Poseidon – 36’ Owen Woolley Launch

  1. Yep pretty sure this is our boat bought Opua September 2023 enjoying her so much Darryl Angela Mitchell


  2. Freelance is a bigger version.
    It’s either Wanderer or one of her sister ship .
    I thought Wanderer had the bigger Ford though??


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