Te Rata


More photos from the Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection, this time it is the launch – Te Rata built by W.G Lowe & Son’s, Auckland.

In the launch day photo we see Bob Adams, Tom Blackie and Jean Dickenson. An axe is being used to break a bottle across the bow.
A very smart looking launch, so as always – what became of her?

7 thoughts on “Te Rata

  1. A boat very similar to this was owned by Mr.Boucher who kept it on a mooring at what we called Bouchers Bay…Actually Pasadena Bay I think.He had a caretaker who looked after everything.He would arrive sometimes in his larger boat if there for a longer holiday…He had a mooring in the bay for that as well….That was in the 1950’s


  2. Yeah if we’re going to pick wee holes I’d tolerate the side windows (they might look corny if the aft edges tipped fwd). But I reckon I’d have liked to see the lower rubbing strake maybe following the sheer a little at the fwd end -a bit more parallel to the upper one. Just nit picking -she’s not too bad.


  3. I suspect not. That wheelhouse is quite big and the coaming aft is different. Also the lines aft look suspiciously like they are swinging up to a counter rather than a sharp end.


  4. What a cracker! Someone had a good eye for lines! Just the ideal boat for a man and his lady maybe with one offspring for weekends and holidays away. Interesting seeing the lady standing back and watching the ceremonial. BUT what I love is the working boatyard backdrop. Fair takes me back to the way St Marys Bay used to be before it got gentrified. Got any more?


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