Lidgard 1/2 Models – Help Needed

1/2 model #1
1/2 Model #2

LIDGARD 1/2 MODELS – Help Needed
Saturdays story on the 48’ Lidgard launch – Ngaro, link below, promoted Donna Lewis to contact WW re three 1/2 models that she purchased from a garage sale on Kawau Island, when she and husband Norm were living at Schoolhouse Bay. At the time she was told all three were Lidgard vessels. The painted one is obviously Ngaro, the writing on the back, supporting this.

 Donna and Norm live in Australian the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and took the models with them, hopefully one day they will find their way home to NZ.


The challenge is that Donna doesn’t know which launches the other two models ‘belong’ too, so woodys – big ask today. Maybe an ex Lidgard worker can suggest suitable candidates. Or maybe one of the more talented WW readers recognizes something in the 1/2 model that is specific to a particular Lidgard design. 

I suppose I should put a reward to the woody that provides the most credible suggestion. So a WW cap is on offer. For once, let’s do entries / suggestions via the WW comments section. I think the answers will be via a collaborative approach. 

6 thoughts on “Lidgard 1/2 Models – Help Needed

  1. Hi The Lidgard models were made by me and my son Andrew and sold by me when we left Kawau. I owned the Ngaro for several years and removed the petrol engines and replaced them with six cylinder Ford diesels. My uncle Roy designed and built her for Hory White of Skeates and White who inspected the vessel every day throughout construction. Just as a footnote I also owned the Valeeka which you featured a while back. I bought her off Hughy. Williams in Rawene and trucked her to Auckland where she got a major refurbishment and rebuilt the engine at Shorty Seftons. Kind Regards Graeme. Lidgard


  2. Have just spoken to Jim Thompson, who confirmed that MELODY was built by and for Roy L,and she originally had a Morris Navigator 6 cyl diesel. Roy L. owned her for about 2 years.
    He then sold her to the NZ Army, who he believes may have replaced the Morris Navigator, with a
    Ford Diesel. KEN R


  3. Dave Jackson says the stern on model #2 looks very much like the motor sailor Talisman built by Fred/Roy Lidgard that he had owned some years ago. He said she was 36/38 feet and there were two smaller sister ships, one was the Neptune.


  4. MELODY was built by Roy Lidgard for himself & the image was taken from my 8mm movies one day at Christmas c1954 when she was tied to his wharf, in Smeltinghouse Bay.

    She was not built by or for John Lidgard as stated in an old post, unless John was working for Roy at that time.

    She had provision made for Game fishing

    From memory, she had a BMC Commodore Diesel originally, which of course may have later been changed to a Ford.

    Will Check with Jim Thompson my life long boating guru, as he will know her well, because he was living on the island, in the Roy Lidgard family home, at that time — KEN R

    Photos added below. Alan H


  5. Has anyone thought of asking John Lidgard? He’s still active and seems to be in full possession of his wits – and his sense of humour.


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