Mystery Run-About

The above photo is dated 1965 and that rig (car & boat) would have been very special back then. The location is outside Pomeroy’s Garage in Hamilton, that later became Dominion Motors and then MZ Motor Corporation. Photo and details ex Lew Redwood.

Quite a distinctive car and boat – anyone able to tell us the design of the boat ?

Rakino Island This Weekend? See below – All happening in Woody Bay (open Friday & Saturday as well)

5 thoughts on “Mystery Run-About

  1. could the boat be one of Rollo Dutton’s? Speculation on my part based on the Hamilton location


  2. Our family had a boat like that in 1964 with the curved screen but without the visor. We lived in Raglan at the time. Cant recall any details.
    I can confirm details of the car tho….certainly is Wolesley 6/110.


  3. Wolseley 6/110 , one of the better tow cars of the day , probably owned by the Garage proprietor as they were Morris Agents


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