Mystery Launches at Orakei

Todays photo comes to us from the Auckland Libraries Kura – Heritage Collection via Nathan Herbert. We have 3 very smart looking woodys hauled up at Orakei for I suspect their winter maintenance.All quite distinctive looking so hopefully we can ID therm L > R.

During the week we had a prize on offer of a copy of Brian Peet’s book ‘Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy’, it was won by Albert Birnie . Albert advised that he was given a copy last Christmas so kindly asked that his prize be given to another woody – so Woodys, here we go – all entries that correctly ID the 3 launches (L>R), go into the draw for the book. Entries via email only to Entry closes 6pm 21-03-21

4 thoughts on “Mystery Launches at Orakei

  1. The middle launch is indeed very similar in style to David Reid’s BUFFALO BILL but a bit too short I think. BUFFALO BILL was 32ft oa and had 4 ports along the side of the cabin top.


  2. We commented on that photo Nath, that this boat was too big to be Lady Jane.
    However after looking at this pic of the Bridgedecker, she is a lot closer than I thought.
    Similarities are striking.

    1/ The chain plate is in exactly the same position on her as it was on Lady Jane
    2/ The fwd port hole is smaller than the other 3, and was not an opening one.
    It was also made of copper whereas the other 3 were Bronze opening port holes.
    I think that might be because the curvature was too much at this point for an opening bronze one?
    The aft dodger looks identical before it basically wobbled to bits.
    Even the skin fitting for the bilge pump is in the same spot.
    What I can’t get away from, is the 4 windows instead of 3.
    And the extra batten in the cabin.
    But shes unbelievably similar to Lady Jane.
    whoever the boat builder was, built both, surely?


  3. Centre could possibly be BUFFALO BILL, she used to live next door at Judges Bay for years from the early 40s at least.
    I’ve actually seen this pic somewhere before, a few years ago — KEN R


  4. This photo needs discussion, unless the bridgedecker being connected with Orakei has spurred someone’s memory?

    I dragged up a photo of her earlier at Onehunga, perhaps on Coulthard’s slipway or nearby. I reckon she is the bridgedecker which pops up often on trademe and WW, before years of surgery. Boat at right is easy, centre no idea, it’s not Sunbeam.


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