Colin Wild Launches

Colin Wild Launches 
Angus Rogers sent in the photos above of two of the smartest looking Colin Wild launches afloat, at anchor in Chamberlin Bay, Ponui Island in early January.

The top photo is of the 1927 built Tasman, for many years owned by Doc O’Callahan. In December 2020 she changed hands and is now in the care of Theresa & Stephen Cashmore, who have been on the hunt for a woody for a while – excellent pick 🙂

The bottom photo is Peter Loughlin’s 1928 built Lady Margaret – Peter never stops working on LM and every time I see her she is looking better and better – given the rain in parts of the gulf over the break, that canopy at the stern looks very practically. 

Photo below of LM sent in by Peter Laughlin this morning – he is still cruising – well done 😉

And trolling thru me holiday emails – I found two more of LM from Angus Rogers 🙂

4 thoughts on “Colin Wild Launches

  1. Looking for information on what I believe to be princes.a 1929 or 27 Colin wild bridge decker.
    I own this boat and have little knowledge of its past.
    Boat lives now on lake taupo
    Very keen for any and all as have some big decisions to make on repair or sell .

    Hello Powell
    I assume your spelling was incorrect and you meant – Princess? If so check out the WW search box there is a lot of intel and photos there. I have attached below a link to a previous WW story on Princess, there is also another link in that story to a 2nd story. Make sure you read the comments section, lots more there.
    Cheers Alan H



  2. Re Kotare being the most affordable waterfront apartment, how’s this with 360 degree penthouse view from unparalleled comfort on top deck. Tastefully designed!!

    Brian Fulton

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