Today’s boat is named Freedom and is a recent purchase by Neil Hammond. Neil bought Freedom off a gent named Murray Davies in Havelock, Marlborough Sounds, who owned her for 9 years. Her construction is double diagonal kauri (then glassed ) and is 36’ in length and powered by a Detroit 6-71 diesel. From her early service records it appears Freedom was based in Auckland from new.

When advertised for sale, she was described as ‘vindex style’, hopefully not 🙂 you will struggle to find any vindex’s on WW.
So woodys – can anyone help Neil in his quest to learn more about his boat?

Photo below of last nights sunset and still no rain 🙂

7 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. re the Vindex hull shape, the original Hunt deep vee design had a deadrise at the stern of 24 deg, whereas Vindex is a shallow/medium vee hull shape with a deadrise of 10 deg, some designers would refer to its hull shape as “semi-displacement”. Most subsequent Vindex designs had this same deadrise, altho Jim did design a few “deep vee” hulls with 15 deg, eg the 38′ Desiderata and a dive tender he built for New Caledonia.


  2. Probably because most vindex,s get to the good anchorages quicker than 97% of the ww fleet.


  3. Pelin looking hull, not sure what you have against Vindex designs? The original Vindex designs that Jim drew were New Zealands first lightweight Deep V planing launches and in many ways as revolutionary as Dick Bertrams Ray Hunt designed Moppie , in fact if Jim had the modern lightweight fuel efficient diesels back then the difference would have been more obvious. The early ones of course did not have flying bridges!


  4. I remember her when I was a cutter boat for AVCG she was one too and was berthed in Westhaven.I can not recall the owners name but the late Bruce Smith from AVCG was a crew member .I believe she was a vindex hull


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