Labour Weekend Woody Cruise

Labour Weekend Woody Cruise
The last 3 days would have to be one of the best boating long weekends in a very long time, well thats if you own a motor-boat. The classic woody stick and rag boys racing in the Coastal Classic race to Russell in the Bay of Islands made very hard work of it – did any finish?, those I talked to pulled out on Saturday morning. A quick glance at the results show about 75% of the total fleet did not finish. 

The biggest decision of the weekend was whether to turn left or right at North Head, I went left and made the right call, as the reports from the bottom end of Waiheke and Coromandel was it was a zoo 🙂 On the other hand Rakino was perfect – great weather and not too crowded. Only saw 3 other woodys – Gay Dawn and Juanita in Woody Bay and Mahanui just out from West Bay (very early Monday morning) and passed Felicitare 

Highlight was a seriously up close encounter with some Orca while anchored in West Bay – they were rounding up a feed of stingray for lunch.
I see Trinidad is making a star appearance in the AWLWOOD (Uroxsys) advertisements 😉

Update – Arohanui mooching around the bottom end of Waiheke and Coromandel

3 thoughts on “Labour Weekend Woody Cruise

  1. The bottom end would have been much better if some of the giant plastic gin palaces would slow down when passing bays.full of anchored boats……or perhaps they should be fitted with large rear-view mirrors so they can view the chaos they leave behind them.

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  2. Lovely to see a right up to the minute image of my dad’s old boat – GAY DAWN, which he sold way back in 1970 still looking almost exactly as when he sold her, except for the varnished coamings, which are no longer there. Thanks so much for taking that one Alan, gave me a real little lump in my throat & a special thought back, to all the countless happy times we had in her, for the 14 years of dad’s stewardship. KEN R (edited)

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