Opua Mystery Launch

Bay of Island woody, Dean Wright, sent in the above photos of a launch he spotted on a mooring at Opua. At the time Dean I was idling around waiting to go up on the travel lift.No name, but I’m sure someone will be able to tell us more about the boat.

Putting aside the obvious neglect – there is a nice woody hiding there, crying out for a serious dose of TLC.

9 thoughts on “Opua Mystery Launch

  1. She use to have a completely varnished transom which I always thought as a small boy that was why it was called Charlie Brown!


  2. Yes – sad to see any boat that’s been abandoned by the owner. Anyone know what engine Charlie Brown has?


  3. If it is “Charlie Brown“ – what a tragedy? Last saw her in Bayswater Marina – freshly painted and looking pristine. A previous home at one time was Milford Creek. Looks very neglected.


  4. I agree my first reaction was that it was the Charlie Brown. The Charlie Brown was owned by the owner of Moray Industries who manufactured in NZ the Moray Wetsuit. (Alf was his first name).


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