Huria > Vanora > Naomi



This photo ex Williamson Family Collection, recently popped up on fb and thanks to Harold Kidd we now know a lot more about the vessel.

She was built as – Huria in Jan. 1899 by Logan Bros. for Capt. Mercer of Nelson with a 2 cyl Daimler engine.
She was bought by MA Jenny in1905 and re-named – Vanora. Jenny re-engined her with a 30hp Gardner. Lindsay Cooke (Auckland) bought her in 1906. The NZ Government bought her in 1914 and based her in Tauranga. She got renamed – Naomi, probably because Jenny had owned a succession of Naomis. As Vanora, she took part in the Rudder Cup race in 1908.          
Interested to hear what others think re the year of the above photo -there are some very ’sad’ apparel on display. The gent in the yellow budgie smugglers would have to win the prize for the most outrageous  kit.
Sadly as we see in the photo below, ex Daniel HIcks fb, Naomi has not travelled well over the years and now languishes on the hard at Whangateau. It’s the same woody but somewhere along the way, she has been let go.
IMG_6271 2

7 thoughts on “Huria > Vanora > Naomi

  1. My first instinct is to tell you to f… off! Huria is not languishing. In the last year I have replaced dodgy hull timbers,replaced a rotten side deck and carlin, replaced her aft deck, stripped and re-clad her cabin side and a a whole host of other work – work that was interrupted for a while by events we are all familiar with. Work continues to be done on her and she will grace the waters of the north when I’m done. And it that does not satisfy you for any reason I really don’t give a damn.. You are quick to rush to judgement and personally I find that attitude unhelpful, discouraging and unduly negative. Sometimes life does get in the way of big projects but I have never abandoned Huria. She is sound and fundamentally healthy. A little encouragement and the good manners to at least take the trouble to educate yourself about the true state of affairs would have gone a long way. Having armchair critics like you casting aspersions does the wooden boat movement no good what so ever. Actually on reflection I will tell you to f… off.
    I am not the guy in the budgy smugglers.

    Tim, Love your work, who does your hair? Goodbye. Alan H


  2. Auther Tim Hanna who wrote books about Burt Munro and the John Britten did own Naomi. he is very likely to be the Budge smuggler Skipper. i believe he was responsible for the heavy stern banisters. Naomi was on the hard at Pamure for a long time under Tim’s ownership. Perhaps it is at Whangateau for a cheaper cost?.


  3. Looks like the start of the Whitbread Race on the 4th of Feb.1990 Won by Sir Peter Blake


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