Mystery Launches – Mansion House Bay

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Mystery Launches – Mansion House Bay

Today’s photo of Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island comes to us via Lew Redwood’s fb and is tagged 1920 – 1939 so that date spread isn’t much use to us.
An unusual photo given that no yachts are seen.
Any eagle eyed woodys able or brave enough to ID any of the boats?
Ken Ricketts was probably there (in nappies) and will remember the sound of each boats engine 🙂
WCW Riverhead June2020

4 thoughts on “Mystery Launches – Mansion House Bay

  1. Ken – just a thought on the date of the above photo – as there are no canopies/dogers or tram lids on any of these vessels can we assume that it would be pre 1920’s. Could I dear suggest that perhaps it could be a gathering either pre or post a launch race? A Power/motor Boat Association event?


  2. Unfortunately Alan, the photographer did not manage to capture the sound of the engines, when he took the image???!!!, & my guess as to time frame, is much shorter than Lews, I believe it had to be no later than about 1930,– say 1925-30. — KEN R


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