The rather good painting above of Zephyr comes to us via Wally Herbert’s fb, and Wally commented that it showed his father Albert and Joe Miller on Zephyr at the Whangaroa Harbor entrance.
There has been a lot of previous chat on WW regarding another launch named Zephyr (link below) , keen to ID this one and learn her provenance.
On the fb post a Peter Rooke commented that helots saw her in Tauranga.


A Floating Block of Flats
WW readers will know that I occasionally poke fun at boats that have been ‘altered’ or had cabin additions and end up resembling a block of flats. Well today woodys we see the reverse – a block of flats that float.
The below appeared at Bayswater marina last year and is someones home, each to their own but if I owned a marina alongside it, I wouldn’t be impressed………
Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 3.21.16 PM
WCW Riverhead June2020
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5 thoughts on “Zephyr

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  2. My Mother and Father (Eric and Shirley Petford) owned the Northland Fishing Lodge, now known as Kingfish Lodge from 1960 to 1969 and we knew Joe Miller well. The Zephyr was a good launch and we used to see Joe out fishing all the time. I can remember Jimmy Jose and I helping Joe to scrub the bottom and anti foul the Zephyr. Regards Wayne Petford.


  3. Re the Fairway Bay house boats (Gulf Harbour), it just got too hard with Auckland Council (what a surprise) so they created extra berths in the location.
    I know it is asking alot but with some intelligent thinking from AC there are alot of potential locations for House Boat villages around Auckland, there could be standard factory built designs as is done in Holland.


  4. What happened to the fleet of them to be permanently berthed up the starboard arm at Gulf Harbour I know they had a lot of interest and a demo / show home was built and launched?


  5. Built by Hobsonville Boatbuilders (Alan Stephenson) especially to fit in that berth. The owner apparently made some special arrangement with marina management, as normally a boat[?:_) ] that’s lived aboard has to be able to move under its own power, which this thing can’t. It’s equipped with a sort of patent sewage treatment system, a sort of super-dooper septic tank that discharges clean water.
    Personally I wouldn’t be too unhappy having one next door – doubt it would block much more light and view than the Marineras and Rivitimos around me now.


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