Apache + Superb WoodenBoat Video



I was sent the above photos of the launch Apache by Bryce Strong. Apache has made numerous cameo appearances on WW but very little is known about her other than – being built in Te Papapa in 1939.
Bryce found the photos yesterday while sorting old photos, as you do when locked down. Bryce commented that the colour photo shows Apache with the dodger on and a steering wheel in the cockpit. The b/w photo shows her without the dodger, probably early in her life. 
We believe that Apache these days resides in Thames – any woody able to expand on what we know about Apache?
02-09-2020 Input from Bryce Strong – Bryce uncovered the photos below of Apache during a CV-19 clean up
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 4.28.54 PM
Below is a very cool video where Matt Murphy the editor of WoodenBoat magazine has a conversation with Evelyn Ansel, Matt’s words :-). I won’t spoil the story but Evelyn is wooden boating blue blood, with both her father and late grandfather being at the forefront of the wooden boat movement in the USA. I first discovered Evelyn when she fronted a fb video on a project herself and a small team were working, the digitization of the Haffenreffer- Herreshoff collection at the MIT Museum of Cambridge, MA in 2016. Evelyn is currently on the curatorial team at the Herreshoff Marine Museum of Bristol, RI.
Make a cup of tea / coffee, then sit back and enjoy this insightful and entertaining video. It was recorded yesterday so is very current. Now I know its not being PC but I have to say that Evelyn is rather cute 🙂

5 thoughts on “Apache + Superb WoodenBoat Video

  1. Great stuff Tom!! — I knew I would remember the name when i heard it. Did you know him? —

    I never actually met him, or remember him as a person, as I was only about 5, but our friends the Barnett family, who lived right opposite, spoke of him regularly. — KEN R


  2. Hi, as stated in an earlier post of mine re Liberty, apache was built by Mr McCallum with the help of Lou Burns,who built Liberty,


  3. I remember Apache use to come up on our slipway up the Tamaki at Waipuna Rd about 1966.I don’t think she had the dodger then and can’t recall who owned her or where she moored


  4. She was built in Captain Springs Rd Te Papapa on the front lawn of the home builder. It has has been my understanding that Harold Parkinson bought her, when she was nearly new, probably just after WWII about 1946. — KEN R


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