Wooden Boats @ Whangarei Town Basin







Wooden Boats @ Whangarei Town Basin

Two weeks ago David Cooke and myself pointed the car north and did a day trip to Whangarei to view a few candidates for listing with the Wooden Boat Bureau. We were blessed with a stunning day, which made the quay side area at the Town Basin very pleasing to the eye. As we mooched around I snapped the above photos. With the boats shed owners taste in decorating you cant miss them 😉
A nice mix of sail and power, with a lot of live aboards.
I was pleased to see James Mobberley’s old classic – Falcon on a pile mooring, one day she will come back to her home – the Waitemata 🙂

5 thoughts on “Wooden Boats @ Whangarei Town Basin

  1. Could the two converted fishing boats be “Kelvin” and the Carey built “Tarquin”?


  2. Falcon was in one of the colourful boatsheds until a month ago. Florence Dawn is in the shed before them, and has been since since the early 1950s. Before that she lived in the first shed in that group. My Girl resided in the same shed from 1944 – 1948.


  3. Absolutely Ken, and she is a big boat to bring back from that. And while on the subject, the other HDML which is possibly the only other one to be in good condition is PAEA also based in Whangas well done Keith and Heather, labour of love if there ever was…
    They are a fair lump of boat.


  4. Great new images of KUPARU. — I was aboard her at the previous owners Helensville house movers yard, where she had been taken, from where she had been previously moored in Stanmore Bay for many years, & had a huge list to starboard all of that time, & never moved. — I could see her from my office window every day, sitting neglected & unloved for many years, in the Bay, when the previous owner had owned her.
    I cannot believe how beautiful she looks like now & what has happened to her – she was just a wreck in a huge mess when in Stanmore Bay & at Helensville. — KEN R


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